PNCA: Pedal Garden

“It’s been an incredible learning experience,” Boekelheide says. It was his first experience with a project of this scale involving the input and approval of so many agencies and associations. “It has been as much an exercise in public policy and the public art process as a design-build project.”

For Boekelheide, the Garden first began as a graduate school project. He initially approached the design and production of the on-campus bicycle shelter and public art project as an exercise in professional practice with the added bonus that would benefit the PNCA cycling community. He also presented his designs for the Pedal Garden as part of his senior practicum. Three years later, after an extensive permit and approval process, Boekelheide finally has the green light to install.

Portland, OR





Bicycle storage in secured main lobby.  

Located N. Williams corridor in Portland, OR.



PNCA: Utility Bike

Portland, OR


Sunnyside Holistic 

Sunshine Street racks

4246 se Belmont, Portland OR